août 29, 2023


Jaoven Ricoeur, a prodigious figure in the Parisian fashion realm, carries with him the essence of the South of France, where he diligently honed his skills in Arts Appliqué and Communications. This southern touch, paired with a decade of immersion in Parisian fashion, has allowed Jaoven to craft a unique blend of tradition and trend.

In the confines of his appartment, as clay moulds beneath his hands, capturing reflections of his artistic journey, Jaoven chose to complement his creations with the timeless pieces of Yannis Sergakis jewellery. 

Immerse yourself in Jaoven’s enchanting universe and stay tuned for an inspiring interview, echoing the profundity of Proust!

What is your most marked characteristic ?

I would say (naive and) solar

What is your greatest extravagance ? 
I guess growing up in a hippie community with no electricity or running water…

What inspires you the most ? 
I know it sounds cliché, but definitely travelling and discovering local antiques, vintage home decor… Any place close to the Mediterranean Sea is a big inspiration for me.

Which other talent would you most like to have ?

I can do a lot of things, but singing is definitely not part of my skills..Still trying very hard though!

If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be ? 
I’d come back as « The birth of Venus » painting by Botticelli at The Louvre,  and have the world admire me endlessly until the end of time.

Barbie or Oppenheimer ?
I would have a good cry and get overwhelmed by Nolan’s talent at Oppenheimer first, and then relax with a pink overdose at Barbie. Happy for Greta  Gerwig to be the first female director to have a billion-dollar film under her belt.