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Sigma B3 Bracelet


10k yellow gold cord bracelet with a single Sigma element, 0.01 ct white diamonds and black rhodium finish.

Cord colour :  Khaki

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The Sigma collection is Yannis’ love letter to eternal Greek summers. A unique collection of separate gold diamond elements and shaded cords. Forever unfolding, the Sigma collection is designed to let you create your very own bracelet out of all the available combinations.


Yellow Gold 10K

Diamond Carats

0.01 ct

Diamond Clarity






Cord material

95% acrylic and 5% ramie, made in Japan. Intense exposure to water and sun can affect the length and longevity of the cord. The cord ends are treated by hand to prevent the unravelling of the thread, any attempt to cut them will result to the deterioration of the cord.


Every item is delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

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