About us
Yannis Sergakis comes from a prominent Greek diamond trading family. His fascination with precious stones began in childhood, watching his uncles in their showroom. He later shifted from collecting to crafting jewelry, following his passion.

After studying gemology and design at the Gemological Institute of America, he worked in his family's trade before establishing his own business in 2004. Rather than merely trading, he focused on collaborating with esteemed jewelry houses to create exceptional pieces.

With over thirty collections under his belt, Yannis Sergakis unveiled his signature line in 2014, showcasing the culmination of a decade refining his craft and earning a reputation for exquisite designs.

Our jewels are handmade in a traditional workshop of Athens by artisans who carry the long intangible heritage of jewellery craftsmanship. I trust them instinctively as they manipulate diamonds and gold with confidence and skill, meticulous in their effort to bring my designs to life.

Each Charnière is signed off only when flawless. A century-old technique reincarnated in contemporary designs of fine jewellery. Few people can make this motif with such expertise. I direct their operations and watch them silently as they work; I admire their craft.

The sounds, the smells, the softly spoken words. The atmosphere of the workshop is as familiar as it is unique. It makes me feel connected to tradition and all the while grounded in the today world.

My brand’s DNA encapsulates these visits to the workshop as stories of my childhood memories, growing up in a family of jewellery traders. Creating in this unspoiled and authentic way ensures excellence and timelessness. Every piece that leaves the workshop is a celebration of contemporary, fine jewellery.