When I am in Athens, I am drawn by the bustling vibe that blends everyday life with snippets of history and culture. The Parthenon stands there as a testament to time. Its geometry and lines enrich my vision, and I wonder how something so old can be so present. My inspiration becomes a marble morsel with the characteristic fluting of a Doric column. As a modern-day flashback to archetypal Greek imagery, I depict it in hand-crafted gold. The chunky chains are a contemporary take on the curves found in ancient Greek sculpture. In the Attic light, gold assumes the qualities of marble: imposing and invulnerable.

4 Elements Tie Necklace


Immortelle Chain Necklace


Immortelle Small Studs


Immortelle Single Motif Bracelet


Immortelle Maxi Hoops


Mini Immortelle Cord Necklace


Maxi Chain Necklace


Cord Bracelet