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When I am in Athens, I am drawn by the bustling vibe that blends everyday life with snippets of history and culture. The Parthenon stands there as a testament to time. Its geometry and lines enrich my vision, and I wonder how something so old can be so present. My inspiration becomes a marble morsel with the characteristic fluting of a Doric column. As a modern-day flashback to archetypal Greek imagery, I depict it in hand-crafted gold. The chunky chains are a contemporary take on the curves found in ancient Greek sculpture. In the Attic light, gold assumes the qualities of marble: imposing and invulnerable.

Immortelle Collection is an ode to the contemporary woman who moves through a city steeped in history taking in the past but living in the present. Whether she’s heading out to work, strolling with friends, or dancing at a party, I want to give her this elegant fragment to carry with her day and night.  Busy in the present yet eternally stylish. The two collections are separate layers of the experiences that shape us.