Mirror Capsule Collection: New Corner in Hydra

August 7, 2020

Mirror Capsule Collection by Yannis Sergakis
exclusively at Speak Out Concept Store in Hydra

Yannis Sergakis is delighted to announce a new corner at one of the oldest concept stores on the gorgeous Hydra Port. Speak Out Concept Store, elegantly curated by Christina Stamatakou, is perfect for showcasing Mirror, a Capsule Collection made of 925 silver, exclusively designed for, and sold there. The uniquely crafted space resonates with Hydra’s refined and cosmopolitan vibe, and will also carry the iconic Charnières collection, including the standout ‘Pétale’ pendant, a piece that defines the Yannis Sergakis brand. 

Photoshoot on location – Hydra:
@kaplanidis at @thisisnotanotheragency

Mirror Capsule Collection
Silver 925 
Exclusively at Speak Out Concept Store, Yannis Sergakis Corner, Hydra.