The Sigma collection is Yannis' love letter to eternal Greek summers. A unique collection of separate gold diamond elements and shaded cords. Forever unfolding, the Sigma collection is designed to let you create your very own bracelet out of all the available combinations. For Yannis, each diamond is a moment of joy, each cord a relic of experiences. "The Light Bley Cord is my salutation to the Athenian sky. The Bronze Cord is a testament to luscious bronze skin, the Sand Cord evokes the feeling of bare feet on warm sandy beaches, and finally, Khaki references my enduring hikes in Greece's mythical mountains".

Sigma 3 Cord Set


Sigma Element 7


Sigma Element 9


Sigma Pebble EL24


Sigma Bracelet B33


Chocker CH7


Chocker CH4


Chocker CH1