October 31, 2021

Check out some snapshots from our latest Press entries for October 2021

Our Charnières Sigma Collection in GQ Style, Russia.

Charnières Sigma gives the alluring contrast between a cord and a diamond, the pleasure of ‘designing’ your own bracelet. A choice of cords and an infinite composition of diamond elements.

Our Charnières Caramel Bracelet featured in Madame Figaro, France.

 A sweet world of exquisite stones tied with gold. Elegant on their own, more powerful stacked-up when the mood is playful. A lighter look to fine jewellery.

Last but not least, earringsfrom the Charnières Universe Collection is spotted in Vogue Turkey.

All our Charnières jewellery collection of earrings, rings and bracelets are also available online on our Eshop!