Personal Note

April 8, 2020
almond branch

Dear friends,

I am reaching out to you during these unprecedented times, to share some of my thoughts, as the world we know comes to a standstill to meet this global challenge.

Like most of us, I am constantly exchanging thoughts and messages with loved ones, many of you. One of these messages stood out, urging me to watch online a performance of Ravel’s Boléro by the Orchestre National de France musicians; a grand total of 22 soloists come together in perfect harmony to spread optimism and beauty throughout the world. Fragments of the life we knew made anew.

Although initially many of us saw this as a period of rest, it is evident there is something deeper going on for all. We have pulled the handbrake on our daily lives and sit around in bewilderment waiting.

I spent 16 days of mandatory quarantine upon my return from Paris, before returning to my office. That first day I held my meetings online and returned home at 4 pm, a happier person. It was the first afternoon after many days that I had felt a real sense of vibrancy and I immediately realized how much each and every aspect of my work fulfils me; the people, the designs, the creativity, our philosophy.

Social distancing is difficult for most and extremely painful for some, making my thoughts race. The outpouring of new and overwhelming data makes it hard to imagine what our new world will be like.

I like to think a new reality is brewing and will be born from us all. We will set new standards and they must be in relatable weights and measures. Creativity, insight and resilience will help us achieve them. Until then, all of us who have the opportunity to take a pause should look for ways to express our solidarity and support to those who have been hit and those who are fighting.

For our part, recognizing the significance of scientific contribution, we are making a financial contribution to the Hellenic Pasteur Institute to cover some of the emerging needs. It may be a drop in the ocean, but little drops of water make a mighty ocean.